The Craft of Shadows

This audiobook novel podcast is about the Craft of Shadows fantasy world created by Diavosh Bassiti. The first book to be serialised in audiobook format is "The Jewel of Nineveh".

Follow the action, adventure, romance, mystery, betrayal and political back-stabbing of the Craft of Shadows world every week! Keep one hand on your purse and the other on the hilt of your blade...


The Craft of Shadows Podcast :: Episode 001 :: The Jewel of Nineveh :: Prologue

January 16, 2020 @ 5:08 pm

A down-on-his luck thief risks it all for his chance at riches in the fabulous city of ancient Ur, but will he find more than he expected?

Episode 001 of the Craft of Shadows Podcast, featuring a serialized novel audiobook of "The Jewel of Nineveh" by Diavosh Bassiti, an action-packed, fantasy adventure in a mythological world of thieves and assassins. Find out more at

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Craft of Shadows Podcast
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